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This “Playbook” is a way for a parish – pastor and staff – to consider how best in the weeks ahead to make Christmas 2018 “radically mission-oriented.” We are providing four pillars which are the fruit of the work, collaboration, discernment, and vision of numerous individuals in Central Services and parishes.



Intercessory Prayer Card

Intercessory Prayer Card

If we are not wrapping all of our evangelization efforts – especially leading up to Christmas – in prayer, we are building our house on sand. Therefore, this playbook begins with prayer. The following are resources to facilitate prayer as a staff, as families, and as individuals during Advent and beyond.

Unleash the Gospel Prayer Card


For many Christmas visitors, a barrier for coming to church is not knowing anyone or not knowing what to do. When we exercise unusually gracious hospitality, we are communicating to them that they are welcomed. Even with a great message, it would take an extraordinary amount of courage and perseverance to become part of a community if one doesn’t feel welcomed. By committing to hospitality, we are preparing the soil so that the message of the Gospel can more easily be received. The following suggestions are ways to make your parish radically hospitable during the Christmas liturgies.





While the main task of preaching the kerygma falls to the priests – and deacons – each of us has a role in sharing this message. For many who stay away from church week after week, they think the Gospel is boring and the story of Jesus is irrelevant. What could be more false!? In the Gospel, whenever someone met Jesus they either wanted to “drop their nets” and follow him…or they wanted to kill him. No one was bored by him. Therefore, we must return to that original power of the Gospel whereby we are reminded and we remind others of the life-changing call of Jesus. Here are some tools to assist priests and deacons in their preaching preparation and to assist lay ecclesial ministers in their role of sharing the Gospel.


All of our efforts to make Christmas radically mission-oriented are geared towards inviting our guests to take the next step in their faith life. We want everyone who comes at Christmas to experience something new in our parishes – because if it is just the same as last year, we will have the same results and these guests will still be guests again next year. We have a limited opportunity to invite them and we want to make the most of this opportunity to share with them what they can do to continue what God has started in their hearts.

Pope Francis Magnets for Families


Matthew Kelly Book

Praying Puzzle


Presentations from the Parish Day of Renewal held on November 16.

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